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During the Copenhagen Fellowship, Humanity in Action's international Fellows stay with local hosts. Being a host is an amazing opportunity to learn about new cultures and nationalities, to engage in discussions with new perspectives, and to make an important friend for life. All it requires is a spare room, a willingness to meet a new person, and to cook a bit of extra food for dinner.

As a host, you will be invited to the Fellowship's various exciting keynotes, and you will also have the opportunity to meet all the other Fellows and hosts at our social gatherings. 

Our Fellow are usually between the ages of 20-28 years old and come from the US, Germany, Bosnia and Greece. They study everything from medicine to social science to anthropology, and have been chosen for their personal and academic engagement with social issues. 

Become a host in 2017!

We are still looking for hosts for our international Fellows during the Copenhagen Fellowship 2017. The Fellowship will take place from Friday May 26 - Thursday June 22, where the Fellows will depart for Humanity in Action's annual international conference in Berlin. 

The Fellowship takes place at Borups Højskole in the heart of Copenhagen, and the Fellows will be provided with travel cards for the greater Copenhagen area during their whole stay. Humanity in Action and Borups Højskole also provide lunch for all Fellows, and breakfast and dinner if required. This also means you do not have to worry about food as a host, although it is greatly appreciated if you do.

If you are interested in becoming a host, please send an email to with your information, and please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. 

Testimonials from hosts

We are a family of five with two boys age 11 and 13 and a girl age 16. The last couple of yeras, we have hosted young students from Humantiy in Action with great success. It puts our normal family life in perspective to learn how other young people have grown up, and it always adds something constructive when another language is involved. As a host, it is also inpiring to get to know young, dedicated people and to follow along in Humanity in Action's program. It adds an extra dimension to the lightest month of the year, both for children and adults.

Caroline Melchior, host in 2016